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13 Concepts are the industry leading strategy firm assisting businesses to grow, maintain and sustain. The 13 Concepts Group are MBA’s, Postgraduates and Chartered Accountants with significant commercial, managerial and leadership experience. Our services include a wide level of strategic business divisions from accounting, strategy & feasibility, system development, marketing and digital development. Most of our clients call upon us to provide assistance and guidance on day to day matters as they arise. We recognise that every business is different and every industry requires a different focus and attention. Our assignments range from on-going accounting, feasibility studies, business and strategic marketing plans, board mentoring, KPI and goal setting, financing options and digital implementation.

We are all about the numbers! It is our job to understand all of the latest data and numbers, then advise your business in the right direction, strategy or approach to take. It is all about timing and understanding your market.

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Were you aware that only 30% of all start up businesses WILL make it into their second year! This is mainly due to a lack of planning, understanding of their market and capital.

Businesses that wont make year 2!

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13 Concepts is your team of industry experts. We are the modern age consultancy firm that can assist your business to grow and prosper with our offerings of complete professional services. At the heart of what we do is accounting and tax but over the past 5 years we have morphed into a leading digital and development firm. This combination ensures that you get the very best advice, strategy and execution.

Accounting Division

We understand the drivers and strategies behind our client’s businesses and provide tailored financial information and day to day advice to assist clients to grow and manage their businesses. Learn More…

Website Development

Our Creative devision 13 Creative have delivered projects for large corporates looking to grow their market position all the way through to start-ups with an idea that will bridge a gap in the marketplace. Learn More…

Strategy & Feasibility

We can assist you with understanding the frameworks of your business, identifying the opportunities available and structuring for the future. We are experts at implementing, reviewing and executing plans and strategies. Learn More…

System Development

The team at Dexterous have developed software solutions for a wide variety of clients ranging from professional services, associations, retail, manufacturing, trades and services, wholesaling and importing  Learn More…

Testimonial – Dr Michelle Morandin

I needed a website for my business but I was getting mixed messages from so many developers. No one I spoke with could understand want I needed and required from a business point. The team at 13 concepts completely understood me from the start. My business thrives with online leads and I have received more leads than I expected. I am even receiving phone calls from Psychologist stating how great my website looks and how impressed they are. Highly recommend the team at 13 Concepts


Are your financials up to date? With 13 Concepts we offer a FREE 30 minute review of your financials, company setup and structures. Book in a time and get your free business health check