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Advisory ServicesWe assist you with frameworks for your business & identifying the opportunities

Advisory Services

The 13 Concepts team specialise in working with growing businesses to create sustainable companies that establish multiple income streams, with the ability to not only grow, but maintain their success over long periods. Our corporate experience alongside the detailed assignments with clients in establishing, reviewing and implementing plans and structures has seen our clients revenue exceed expectations.


Review & Analysis13 Concepts | Advisory Services

One of our core strengths is in financial analysis and also our ability to review, understand and interpret financial and transactional information. For the majority of our business clients we provide quarterly financial analysis and have a quarterly management meeting to review and assess the business and operations. This also provides an opportunity to review progress towards goals and objectives, and to fine-tune and adjust as necessary.

Planning & Budgeting13 Concepts | Advisory Services

No matter what business you have and what market you operate in, understanding the current position of your business and having a set vision of where you want to get to are vitally important. In today’s digital world the availability of data and ability to understand, analyse and adapt provides significant opportunities for the business and managers. Whilst the timing and nature of planning and budgeting processes has changed, their relevance has not.

Strategic Marketing13 Concepts | Advisory Services

At 13 Concepts we provide a wealth of experience in strategic marketing and advertising. We work with our clients to identify strategic marketing opportunities and assist businesses to execute advertising strategies to deliver growth. All businesses undertake some level of advertising and promotion, but not all understand the avenues, costs and relevance of different mediums available. Our team specialises in setting marketing plans, and assisting clients with the development and execution of strategies to achieve sales growth.

Mentoring & Guidance13 Concepts | Advisory Services

There are always challenges in running a business and at times it can be a stressful process. Managing cashflows, staff and day to day activities is all-consuming, and often business owners and managers spend the majority of their time keeping the business running from day to day. Our team 13 Concepts has significant experience in providing advice, guidance and support to business owners and managers. We are trusted advisers, and all of our clients regularly seek our advice and input into day to day issues as they arise. We have the skills, knowledge and experience to offer relevant and meaningful options and solutions.

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One of the key aspects when 13 Concepts conducts a strategic feasibility study on your industry is to identify your competition, research government policy adjustments and other external factors that could either increase or decrease your revenue and direction.


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