Take your business to the next level

We assist you with frameworks for your business to identifying the opportunities.

Gain More Control

13 Concepts has real world commercial experience to take your business to the next level. From SME to Corporations we have the tools and know-how to implement the right strategy.

Find Your Advantage

Every business has a competitive advantage, the difficultly is in knowing where to look for it. We analysis your industry and go beyond the numbers and basic metrics to gain your advantage.

The Right Advice

We give valuable input into future ideas and decisions to ensure your business is taking the right approach. Being Chartered Accountants, our finger is always on the pulse of what is happening in the business world.

13 Concepts | Consulting

The right partner for your business

The 13 Concepts team specialise in working with growing businesses to create sustainable companies that establish multiple income streams, with the ability to not only grow, but maintain their success over long periods. Our corporate experience alongside the detailed assignments with client's in establishing, reviewing and implementing plans and structures has seen our clients revenue exceed expectations

  • A smarter approach with better results

  • Start having fun again in your business

13 Concepts | Financial Analysis

Understanding The Numbers

One of our core strengths is in financial analysis and the ability to review, understand and interpret financial and transactional information.

'If You Can't Measure It, You Can't Manage It."

For the majority of our business clients we provide quarterly financial analysis and have a quarterly management meeting to review and assess the business and operations. This also provides an opportunity to review progress towards goals and objectives, fine-tune and adjust as necessary.

In today’s digital world the availability of data and ability to understand, analyse and adapt provides significant opportunities for the business and managers to take control and feel comfortable in the direction they are heading towards.

13 Concepts | Digital Roadmap

The Right Implementation

At 13 Concepts we provide a wealth of experience with implementing the right software & digital solution.

"Create Clarity Where There Is Chaos"

We work with our clients to identify strategic digital opportunities and assist businesses to execute these strategies to deliver growth. Our team specialises in setting the correct digital roadmap for your organisation to ensure your vision is executed correctly.

Streamline your sales, operations and communication into one intelligent software solution for your business.

13 Concepts | Research & Analysis

Get An Advantage

13 Concepts will team with you to ensure you fully understand your industry and all the possible opportunities that are available.

"Work Smarter, Not Harder"

No matter your industry 13 Concepts will guide your business through various hurdles and roadblocks that you may be experiecning. We set a clear direction for your business.

Our strategic roadmap will clearly define what approach to take, help you identify your competition and create new opportunities. Work smarter not harder with the assistance of 13 Concepts.


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