Work Smarter With Automated Solutions

Our solution Dexterous is a Westpac Business of Tomorrow winner for 2017 by helping Australian business do more with less...

Dexterous Automated Solutions

No crazy robots! Just a smarter way to turn your manual processes into automated solutions!

The majority of businesses we work with all had the same issue. How could they reduce overheads in their business without compromising quality?

Simple solution! They engaged 13 Concepts to provide smart automated innovations.


Email Automation

Stop wasting time writing and sending the same standard email when it can be automated whilst adding your personal touch.



Are you making the most out of all your opportunities? Gain the insights to get that competitive advantage over your competition.



Misusing your time managing staff and workloads? Imagine implementing a smarter solution to manage the daily grind.



How many times does your business enter the same details for customer or job? Streamline and integrated your processes.

Work Smarter With Automated Solutions

13 Concepts is a leading Australian firm that provides intelligent value-adding solutions to help manage, maintain and grow your business. We work with a broad range of businesses who seek smart advice beyond traditional offers.

Our specialist and qualified team have excellent real world experience from both corporate Australia and the SME market. We understand the drivers and strategies behind our client’s businesses. We provide tailored innovative solutions to ensure long term growth, sustainability and efficiencies that will see your business prosper and seize opportunities at the next level.

How much does an email really cost!

Whilst you may think sending an email is relatively free, consider the actual cost to your business. On average staff spend at least 5-10 minutes composing every email.

3 staff x 10 emails per day = 300 wasted minutes

If your staff earn $30 per hour

That's over $750 per week wasted that we could save you!!!

No drastic changes. Just some simple adjustments to your processes will make all the difference!