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    The One System
    That Does It all...
    It isn't just about working smarter, it's about creating new opportunities.

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Dexterous is the one system that brings it all together in one easy to use plug and play platform...

Are you struggling to keep on top of everything, from managing workloads, meeting deadlines and understanding where everything is at? Dexterous makes doing business easier as it is configured to work around your specific business. With Dexterous you get access to our in-built job management system and intuitive workflow tools. Turn your growing business into a well run money making machine with smarter automation. Are you sending your past, present and future customers the right information? Most businesses use programs that send bulk emails to all customers that are often irrelevant to many. With Dexterous you can still send bulk emails but these are targeted to your exact customer interests, requirements and needs. Never send a wrong email again!!!

What You Get With Dexterous

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Marketing Module

Analyse, communicate and engage your customers utilising our ground breaking predictive solution. Teams will love it, individuals will love it. More importantly, your customers will love it.

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CRM Module

Track, strategies and gain control of your organisation with our integrated database solution. It is customised to your exact needs, requirements and imagination. No off the shelf solution here!

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Project Management

Smart, intuitive and dynamic. Looking for a solution that enables your team to collaborate in a smart environment that increases productivity? Fully customised to your requirements and prioritisation.

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Link your organisation directly to your customers. No more emails, no more lost documents. Just one secure connection to communicate with your clients

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Accounting Module

Quoting, invoicing and timesheets are a breeze with our simple, one-button technology. All integrated into XERO or MYOB

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Reporting Module

Understand where everything it at with our reporting technology. No how many department or how complex your reporting we customise it all for you.

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Dexterous Key Facts?

Beauty Is In The Eye of The Beholder.

When you look at most systems it seems like you are playing a video game from the 1980s. In building Dexterous we have taken a tremendous amount of time and pride to ensure that the user experience is unlike anything else in the market. With fresh clean colours, layouts and designs your staff will find using the Dexterous system logical and easy. It is the small details that make all the difference with Dexterous.

Smart Automation

Set the rules and watch the magic happen. No matter your requirement Dexterous email marketing solution will understand, adapt and send the right email at the right time. Dexterous utilizes the latest smart technologies to communicate with clients and contacts. Turn leads into customers with seamless automated emails.

Customise Your Solution

Your business may use a range of online tools to handle processes and job management. Nearly all of these solutions are off the shelf and wont do exactly what you require. Dexterous is different. The Dexterous team comes out to your office and reviews all of your current processes, workflows and systems so that we can configure Dexterous to do exactly what you require..

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