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Start Up Costs that are Tax Deductible

It costs money to start a business, and generally you cannot deduct those expenses because they are not incurred as part of running a company. Money spent to start a business is not considered as the cost of carrying on business. For example, before your company starts operating, it cannot deduct such costs as: Performing

Starting an Income Stream from an SMSF

Generally, a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) can only pay a member’s superannuation benefits when the member reaches their “preservation age” and meets one of the conditions of release, such as retirement. The payment may be an income stream (pension) or a lump sum, depending on the circumstances. The ATO has prepared a case study discussing differing

Thinking of an Acquisition?

If your business is considering an acquisition, it needs to work out how much the business is worth — and that is a complex task. Valuing a business requires familiarity with the target’s industry, knowledge of the principles of taxation and accounting, as well as awareness of with regulatory issues. While you may have extensive knowledge of the target’s industry, you

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