Key Areas of Innovation For Retailers

The CBA has recently released a report on Australian retailers and the areas of innovation that they should be focusing on. The focus seems to be all around increasing customers in-store experience by using smarter technologies.

At 13 Concepts we have a similar view, bricks and mortar is part of our culture and we don’t believe it will be going anywhere anytime soon. However, it is all about balance, you need to have the right digital strategy, the right online solution as well as the perfect in-store experience for customers. Just like any successful portfolio diversification is the key.

To be successful in retail you must focus as much attention on your online strategy as your in-store activities. This is where systems like Dexterous can reduce the time it takes to handle multiple streamlined processes for your business.


To read the full report please click this link: Full Report

*Source: CBA

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